Gordon Petrie

Principal Lighting Designer

With over 30 years experience, award winning Lighting Designer Gordon has designed and provided lighting for residences, public buildings and businesses all over the UK, Europe and the US.

Gordon has an ability to create dramatic effects by embracing and very often creating the latest design techniques. Always at the forefront of technology and combining technology and wow factor, whilst remembering that all equipment is used by normal human beings, that require a very simple and logical method of controlling the lighting and audio equipment.

Remodeling and Home Design

Catrina Petrie

Project Manager

Catrina Has her Italian Heritage to thank for her natural ability to know exactly what looks right. Catrina’s expertise in blending colour and shape makes her an obvious choice for ensuring projects are executed in a manner that is both sympathetic to the overall building and interior design. Catrina is able to combine all the elements with the all important wow factor.

Remodeling and Home Design