What we offer

Lighting Design

Good lighting design puts light where it should be, at the right levels.
It can add drama, illuminate architechtural features, make an ordinary building extraordinary light, can change the way you feel about a space and create positive mood changing experiences.

Audio visual

As lighting design, music and video stimulate our senses indoors, outdoors, at home, in the office and in public spaces. We can create emotion and atmosphere with our full immersive home cinemas and multi room audio systems.

Home automation

Puts you in control of light, heat, sound, energy and security. We are able to complement your home automation with full security and video surveillance. All at the touch of a button or by mobile phone, tablet or over the internet.


Audio visual

Home Automation

We are expert designers, suppliers and consultants


  • Whether you are a commercial or private client, we are able to assist in designing your projects, we can specify fittings and assist in procurement of fittings.
  • Working on a project to project basis we provide design, wiring diagram, full light fitting specification and costings.
  • We specialise in surveying existing properties, reporting and recommended improvements.

  • Supply

  • We are independent and can source fittings globally for your unique project.
  • Custom fittings for bespoke projects.
  • Quality fittings, competitively priced, with warranties up to seven years dependent on supplier.


  • Acting as qualified consultants, one or two days per month.
  • We work on projects as specified by client to help gain additional business and to add value to winning projects.
  • We can evaluate, assess and supervise as required.