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Gordon Petrie
1 month
project type:
Lighting upgrade

Innerpeffray Library is Scotlands oldest lending library.

The library had been gifted an incredibly valuable book collection which needed to be looked after and displayed properly, we were given the task of illuminating the books on display using UV free lighting to avoid fading the ink on these books, whilst ensuring that everyone could enjoy seeing the books on display. Principal designer Dr Gordon Petrie used UV free led down lights to illuminate the glass cases and the bookcases fully illuminating the library so that everything could be seen properly without damaging the valuable books on display. Gordon also took the opportunity to install lighting controls to cater for day and night exhibitions giving the library maximum control of this historic venue.

During the consultation process with the keeper of books, we discussed the preservation of historic documents and we submitted a design and specification which included lighting with no UV, low energy and low maintenance.  The location of the light fittings was extremely important to ensure that it was user friendly with the correct colour of lighting to maintain the ambience and welcome of Innerpeffray.