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Gordon Petrie
Monzie Castle Estate
3 Months
project type:
Interior Design
Grade 1 Lighting
November 2015

The client was restoring the plaster cornicing and painting the entrance and stairwell. This is a listed building which had been redesigned by Architect Sir Robert Lorimer after a fire which destroyed a large part of the castle in 1908. The plaster cornicing was skilfully designed and created in the entrance area, extreme care was needed to illuminate the refurbished area without damaging the walls or ceiling. This meant careful consideration had to be given to location and type of lighting.

Principal Lighting designer Dr Gordon Petrie designed and built an aluminium channel fitted with high colour rendering low energy LED linear lighting. mounted in a square configuration fitted to the existing light fixture mounting points. by up lighting the plaster cornice so closely the colours and textures of the very skilfully created and crafted cornice were brough to life. the level of light created allowed us to utilise the ceiling as the light source to illuminate the whole area.

Design in Details


Incredible Result