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Gordon Petrie
Mr & Mrs McQuillan
18 months
project type:
Whole House
June 2018

Oakwrights has been designing bespoke oak framed homes, garden buildings, garages and extensions to exacting specifications since 1999.  We have worked with two clients who have a passion for green oak and have had the forethought to work with us from the conception of their dream home.  Working with the both Oakwrights and the client we could ensure that the frame had allowances for recessing lighting and services prior to manufacture, ensuring that we both enhances the architectural structure and provided the optimum lighting solutions throughout.  Planning early ensured that all wiring for lighting, home cinema, AV were hardwired and hidden.

Making everything work seamlessly, light sound and vision, connecting you with the very nerve centre of your intelligent home. Streamlined, environmentally friendly, minimalist. We can tailor to suit your existing tech and discuss home to upgrade and add to system.