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Creative Design

Each client is an individual and we work with each client to realise their vision.  When we met Nikki and Stuart  McAlpine Millers we quickly got excited as we knew we could work together to create a stunning unique design to compliment their new home.

The client is an internationally renowned artist and was fully renovating and modernising a Victorian home. Principal designer Dr Gordon Petrie created a lighting design in keeping with the artists passion for colour light and shade. Throughout the house he utilised led light sources and incorporated contemporary beautifully made light fittings to create a home befitting an artist. one of the central features of the home is a back lit ceiling canvas featuring the artists incredible talent.


We had 6 weeks to pull together a design and supply custom light fittings with some imported from Italy and Portugal.

Working to a specific budget we achieved magnificent results which has featured in many publications. 

Gordon Petrie
project type:
McAlpine Miller
6 weeks
November 22, 2016