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Gordon Petrie
St Ignatius Church
6 month
project type:
Summer 2008

Church lighting has become one of our specialities and Principal lighting designer Gordon Petrie’s’ love of multipurpose community buildings always has a strong influence on the finished result.

Community buildings like Churches always come with a myriad of requirements and a committee of people that all have ideas and visions. Gordon translated the congregation’s requirements into a dramatic well light celebration of the churches use and architecture. The unique barrel-vaulted ceiling was uniformly lit, and custom traditional luminaires were used to highlight and embellish the wonderful space that the church is.

Each area was turned in to well-lit well featured and fully controllable zones allowing all or some of the church to be used for various events. User friendly lighting controls and a custom designed and British manufactured central chandelier were used here to celebrate the history and illuminate the future of this great building.


St Ignatius church was undergoing refurbishment and required lighting upgrade.  Meeting the needs of the congregation and ensuring that the stunning roof was illuminated.  Controllable lighting with complimentary lanterns throughout the church.  

At one period in time there was a stunning chandelier which had been removed and not replaced.  working only with a black and white photograph this was replicated and in consultation with parish a new inscription was scribed into the chandelier.

Design in Details

Supplying full wiring diagram and specification,  We co ordinated with congregation and project manager to fulfil the needs of the church.  Liaising with the electrical contractor we supervised, advised throughout the project.

Incredible Result

St Ignatius is one of the most beautiful churches in the Diocese of Motherwell and has the best lighting meeting the needs of the congregation and highlighting the architecture, There is no glare and is controllable and usable.