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Gordon Petrie
Mr & Mrs Cheyne
6 month
project type:
Home Cinema and Lighting
Home for the future
November 22, 2018

Client loved their location and decided to redevelop and extend their property to suit their family’s needs.  This included future proofing with quality lighting, home cinema, whole house smart control.

Working with the client to extend and modify their home which was being fully refurbished gave us an opportunity to upgrade the existing lighting and install a home cinema. The clients wanted a classic modern design which was fully controllable and suited their modern classic taste. we designed the lighting to incorporate fantastic classic hand-blown glass light fittings manufactured in the UK. This gives the high-ceilinged house a classic timeless look whilst incorporating low energy led light sources which are fully controlled at the touch of a button. The home cinema is fully automated and controlled so that when not in use as a cinema the screen and projector silently glide into the ceiling allowing the cinema room to become the games room.